Student artwork from the past year in the Department of Art and Art History

Juried by: Ken Little



Anne Elizabeth Collins Memorial Award- Natalie Eaton

Emil R. Schnellock Award for Excellence in Painting- Tess Hatton

Award of Excellence- Emily Pawlica

Award of Excellence- Jamie Umpenhour




  1. Congratulations students! It lifts my spirits to see all of this great work.
    – Jon McMillan

  2. Prof. McMillan,

    Thanks for this gift to my morning. I loved this presentation of our student’s talents. I am ever impressed with the range of their creativity and artistic expression. I know that this is a virtual show, but is there a way to bring these pieces together in the fall? I know that there are many who would love to see them. I recall the exhibition on the first floor of the University Center, and how powerful it was to be drenched in the talents of our students, even when casually walking through. How powerful would that be to start the fall!!!

    Kudos to you and your colleagues for every inspiring our students gifts to excellence!

    Dean Rucker

  3. This is so great to see! Congrats to all of our students and thank you for always making such compelling work.

  4. What beautiful pieces! Kudos to the artists. I hope they know that even though it’s not quite the same as viewing them in person, many more people will get the chance to enjoy them because they are being shared this way.

  5. Congrats UMW Artists! What a great collection of artwork, and congrats to the award winners!

  6. This was such a treat in my morning! Thank you for making it available and congratulations to the artists!

  7. Thanks to the students and for sharing these wonderful pieces of artwork. Viewing them brightens my day.

  8. What pleasure to see this today. Congratulations to the students and many thanks to the faculty.

  9. Thanks to our juror, Ken Little, and everyone at the Galleries for putting this together! Love seeing all the incredible work from my peers!

  10. Big thank you to Ken Little and the hardworking UMW Galleries, especially Sarah Lapp, for making this show still possible. I’m so proud of everyone in this show.

  11. Such incredible work everyone! The works this year are absolutely magnificent, as they are every year!

  12. Congratulations to everyone involved in this show. It’s a great example of what great people and great art can do. Thanks and renewed congratulations to each and all!

    And I second Dean Rucker’s suggestion that it would be great to be able to see these works–and congratulate these gifted artists–in person in the fall!

  13. Congratulations to the artists! This is a wonderful exhibition. Thank you Sarah and Jon for all of your hard work getting the ASAE online.

  14. A great exhibition. So nice to enjoy such talent, especially during this time of “social isolation”. Congratulations and continued success to you all.

  15. Wow! Absolutely amazing! Congratulations to my very talented peers and a big thank you to Ken Little!

  16. It’s so exciting to see this exhibition during these isolating times, I’m very glad that we can all still stay connected. I’m super impressed with the talent at our University and I can’t wait to see how far everyone will take their talents in the future! Keep up the great work!

  17. What a wonderful collection of art! I am well and truly impressed by the level of talent on display. Congratulations on a job well done. I agree that an autumn show is in order so that these pieces can be appreciated in person.

  18. Congratulations to everyone who’s work is being showcased along with everyone who applied. It’s such a humble feeling to still be presented in a visual tour. A big thank you to all persons involved in making this magical thing happen! I’m so proud of everyone.

  19. This has brightened my day seeing everyone’s art. I’m swelling with pride. You all deserve so much praise for all of the hard work you’ve put in and while it is a bummer we can’t experience it in person, PLEASE KNOW that this is resounding with people everywhere. I am so proud of all of the artists. I cannot wait to see more from them.

  20. Many thanks to Ken, John, and all the talented students for making this exhibition possible. I am grateful to see your creativity on display – this has truly lifted my spirits!

  21. Thank you so much to Ken Little and UMW Galleries for everything you guys have done for us! I’m so blessed this gallery could bring so much joy to all of the people who are viewing it~ Everyone contributing to this project should be so proud, I love my talented peers and I can’t wait to see you all again one day!

  22. Excellent work, UMW artists. A special shout out to our COE students for their outstanding work! Well done all around, thank you Ken Little and UMW Galleries for sharing!

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