Mia Feuer, Antediluvian, 2014. Watercolor.

Antediluvian: Mia Feuer

duPont Gallery
October 23 – December 7
Reception: October 23, 5-7pm

duPont Gallery will exhibit Antediluvian, an installation by Canadian artist, Mia Feuer (b. 1981). Feuer’s latest project was to be a temporary public sculpture located near Heritage Island in Washington, D.C. created as part of the 5×5 Public Art Festival, a large temporary public arts. Feuer’s envisioned project was a solar powered gas station that would have floated in the surrounding Anacostia River. However, the proposal was abruptly cancelled by community protestors due to environmental concerns.

The duPont Gallery will display the preliminary materials that went into this major project- drawings, maquettes, projections and recorded lectures on environmental issues held at the location of the original project in order to initiate a dialog about public art, questioning what an artwork’s commitment is to the public, the site, and to the artist.

Opening Reception


American Abstract Artists: 75th Anniversary Print Portfolio

Ridderhof Martin Gallery
October 23 – December 7
Opening Reception: October 23, 5-7pm

The Ridderhof Martin Gallery will exhibit American Abstract Artists: 75th Anniversary Print Portfolio, an exhibition of 48 archival digital prints. Founded in 1936, the American Abstract Artists held its first exhibition the next year at the Squibb Gallery in New York City. The organization fosters the understanding of abstract and non-objective art by organizing exhibitions, producing print portfolios and catalogs as well as providing a forum for discussion through symposia, panels, and the American Abstract Artists Journal.

For the first time in its long history the AAA portfolio was printed digitally rather than using traditional forms of lithography or transferring image to plate, thereby engaging the rapidly changing technological field of the twenty-first century.

Opening Reception