Robert Lynn, I Paint Raccoons Because Racoons Like Everything, 2008

Melchers Gray Purchase Award Showcase

duPont Gallery
September 4-October 5
Opening Reception: September 4, 5-7pm

The Melchers Gray Purchase Award Showcase is a retrospective of all the outstanding student recipients of this award. Each year, artworks are purchased from students by the UMW Galleries and become part of its permanent collection. Since the founding of the Purchase Award in 1995, the Galleries have collected over twenty paintings, photographs, sculptures, and multimedia works by students which will be shown together for the very first time.

Andrew Davidhazy, Bullet at Mach 1.4 with trailing particle, 2005.

The [Visual] Poetry of Logical Ideas and Arthur Hash: Wearable Objects

Ridderhoff Martin Gallery

September 4 – October 5

The main gallery of Ridderhof Martin features artwork that uses mathematical principles. The [Visual] Poetry of Logical Ideas explores the relationship between rationality and beauty- between the perfection of a conceptual form and the visual pleasure it manifests.

The Ridderhof Martin Gallery will also exhibit the Arthur Hash: Wearable Objects. Hash’s recent works utilize digital fabrication technologies, such as 3D scanning, which employ mathematical principles that dovetail with those in the main room.

 Opening Reception: September 4, 2014
Tetsuo Ochikubo, En Route, 1959. Lithograph.

Former Faculty and Beyond: Highlights from the Permanent Collection

May 22- July 25

Ridderhof Martin Gallery
Opening Reception
May 22, 5-7pm

Jeff Nilan, Yield March 19-April 27, 2014

Yield: photographs, books, and works on paper

Jeff Nilan

Ridderhof Martin Gallery
March 19-April 27, 2014
Opening Reception: March 19, 5-7pm

Artist’s Talk in the Gallery: March 20, 5pm




Skip the Small Talk

duPont Gallery
March 19-30, 2014
Opening Reception: March 19, 5-7pm

Senior Exhibition Featuring: Ariadne Cave, Elizabeth Costillo, Jojo Wang, Margot Starch, Ashley Nicole Smith, Ellen Dreher, Leigh Ann Williams, Michelle Howell, Carolina Nativi, Gabby Frohock, Lula Lambert, Richard Speth, Cassandra Reinhart, Hollyann Arnold, Maggie Tanner, and Sidney Mullis

Temporary Inconvenience, Feb 19-March 2, 2014

A Temporary Inconvenience

duPont Gallery
February 19- March 2, 2014
Opening Reception: February 19, 5-7pm

Senior Exhibition Featuring: Rita Art, Amy Hanna Hand, Diana Pistochini, Rachel Bailey, Rachael Juhan, Sharon E. Rawlins, Lindsay Coffman, Joshua David Luebke, Terra Sadek, Nicole Dacales, Robert Wayne Luther, Tim Stark, Helly Fisne, Catherine Peterson, and  Jacqueline Stern.


Mid Atlantic New Painting

Mid Atlantic New Painting 2014

Ridderhof Martin Gallery
January 23-February 28, 2014
Juror, Jack Rasmussen

Opening Reception: January 23, 5-7pm
Juror’s Talk 5:30pm

Clint Bagwell, Recognizer, typed pages, dimensions variable, 2013.

Ghosts: Clint Bagwell

duPont Gallery
January 16-February 9, 2014
Opening Reception: January 23, 5-7pm

Steven Cushner, Echo #3 (detail), acrylic on canvas

Anarchistic Abstraction

Ridderhof Martin and duPont Galleries
October 24- December 2, 2013
Opening Reception: October 24, 5-7pm

Featuring the work of: Peter Acheson, Rachel Hayes, Ginnie Baer, Ron Johnson, Sally Bowring, Ray Kass, Tom Bunnell, Tom Nakashima, Paula Crawford, Amie Oliver, Don Crow, Paul Ryan, Steven Cushner, Robert Stuart, Jutta DeMay, Dan Treado, Reni Gower, Maria Walker, Chris Gregson, Hilary Wilder, Steve Griffin, and William Willis.

Veronica Jaeger, Red Marionette, 2012, oil on canvas.

Converging Cultures: Works by Latino Artists

Ridderhof Martin Gallery
September 5- October 6, 2013
Opening Reception: September 5, 5-7pm
Juror, Lenny Campello

Juror’s Statement

Although over the years I’ve had the honor and pleasure of judging my fellow artists many, many times (by my last count almost 300 times now!), one fact is always a constant and solid, never-changing, ever-present, add some more metaphors for “you can count on this” fact: It is never easy!

A second constant is that I am always refreshed and surprised by the spectacular diversity and pluralism of visual ideas that artists can deliver. This is the main reason that I really, really like putting together, organizing and jurying art shows.

And even after all these years and all these shows, I was still astounded by the quality and wide ranging of sources used by the artists who gave me the honor to review their work for Converging Cultures: Works by Latino Artists .

And I can honestly say that this was not only one of the most difficult (and most fun) shows to whittle down to a select few, but also one which truly puts together a remarkable sampling of the evolving capacity of the artistic mind to educate, entertain, baffle, lead, record, interpret, upset, delight and make us proud to be part of the visual arts component of the human race. The exhibition also underscores a mostly overlooked fact within the subset of humans labeled as Latino/a: our own wide-ranging diversity and multicultural make-up.

This show also surprised me by how far the artists went to explore contemporary issues of all flavors – in some cases by delighting the viewer with a new and delightful take on traditional “lucha libre” as well as exploring a Latinizing angle to advertise-driven pop art with a unique Latino flavor.

When you come and see this show, you will walk away (as with any group show) with a variety of thoughts all fighting to control your private reaction to it. You may have come with a pre-conceived idea of seeing “Latino” art and trying to understand what people mean by adding that label in front of the word “art.” But you will walk away also with multiple new reactions, hopefully including a realization that art, regardless of the label, should and must always stand as art, first and foremost. And you will also walk away with the refreshing and never-ending breath of fresh air that good art injects into our daily lives.

Come see this show and join me in applauding the always-evolving skill and intelligence of contemporary artists who wield brushes, pencils, charcoal sticks, palette knives, computers, metal, stone, found objects and ideas to punch the solar plexus of our minds with ideas and reactions.

Lenny Campello